Smart School Choices

Smart school choices begin with your ability to effectively communicate how your school can better address the wants and needs of parents who are researching their options more than ever.

Help your students to reach their full potential

By providing a clear picture of your school’s uniqueness along with your genuine desire to help your students to reach their full potential, you will position yourself as the only logical choice for parents seeking the very best for their children

By raising your Schools brand ….

Through the Smart School Choices simple and proven step-by-step process, you will address parent’s fears and concerns by presenting them with certainty and peace-of-mind whilst at the same time positioning yourself as the trusted authority.

The 5 Essential Elements Required to Establish Your Schools Brand

1. Have a clear vision of what your school does better than anyone else

Everyone wants to be the answer to everyone these days and the consumer simply doesn’t buy it any more.

If you were sick, who would you go to? Taking it a step further… if you required emergency heart surgery, who would you want to go to? A GP or a Heart Specialist? Digging deeper, would you prefer a newly qualified surgeon to operate on you or someone with 20 years experience and a magnificent reputation for success?

Many schools have no idea what they do better than anyone else but I’ve yet to work with a single school where we’ve been unable to identify a number of areas.

Your success will come from your uniqueness, not in trying to be the answer to everyone.

2. Make sure that all of your communications are consistent with your Clear Vision

Having identified your uniqueness, the key is to incorporate it into as many of your communications as possible.

Existing parents and students need to be reminded of it for many reasons. They are an integral part of providing evidence to others that your difference is real. A strong vision statement will also empower your existing audience providing a sense of belonging and pride which highlights your culture.

3. Ensure that everyone in your community “buys into” your uniqueness

Involving your community in the development of your vision ensures that everyone feels that they are being listened to and their hopes and fears are being addressed.

Great leaders listen and encourage those around them to share their desires. By incorporating those desires into your own vision and giving (or at least sharing) the recognition to/with others, you’ll develop a culture of openness that encourages feedback and empowers everyone.

4. Speak the same language as your target audience

I’m not talking about language in the traditional sense here (English, Spanish, Mandarin etc), but rather the mediums of communication.

Your audience will be made up of visual, audible and kinesthetic individuals and so newsletters, emails, brochures and banners will only target a percentage of your target audience.

The words you use will determine the success of your message (I see, I hear or I understand what your saying, depending on who you are communicating with).

5. Keep reminding yourself that it’s your strategy that ensures your success, not the tools or mediums that you use.

There is no “One size fits all” solution here and so the media you use is critical. The more senses you address, the larger your audience will be.

It never ceases to amaze me how many principals think that the answer to their increased enrolments can be “fixed” by some pull-up banners and a new school prospectus or a change of photos on their website.

Your key to success is your differentiation and a banner, prospectus or website in itself (the tools) are not differentiators.

The message, and your skill in communicating that message, will be the differentiator.

Smart School Choices will help you to identify and develop your uniqueness and ensure that your message is heard by as many people as possible in your target audience.

  • The right message to the wrong audience will fail.
  • The wrong message to the right audience will fail.
  • Communicating in the wrong language and/or the wrong medium will mean your message is not heard.

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In your “Discovery Session”,

  • You’ll identify at least one unique difference that your school offers
  • You’ll get a clear picture of who you should be surrounding yourself with to get the fastest results
  • You’ll hear how other schools (probably with much bigger challenges than yours) are already using better communication strategies to achieve their goals
  • You’ll learn what mediums to use depending on who your audience is
  • You’ll know with confidence that you have all the resources necessary to solve your communication problems.

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