Smart Media Choices

Smart media choices begin with your acknowledgement and acceptance that effective communication will be the foundation of your success.

PhotographyThrough photography, video and the written word, your ability to express how your product or service addresses and answers your customers wants and needs is worth a fortune to you… it will literally make or break you.

With a genuine desire to help others to achieve their goals, your ability to communicate this message is your greatest opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Quality video, photography and copywriting has the power to position you as the trusted authority and go-to person in your industry where price becomes secondary to the peace-of-mind and certainty you provide.

The old saying “a picture says more than a thousand words” has never been more true than in the Digital Age.

First Impressions are massive, and with the average person being bombarded with up to 10,000 messages a day, you need outstanding photography to raise your head above your competitors and the crowd.

Whether you’re….

  • A Teenager looking to establish your social presence or build your resume
  • An Educator looking for the best way to promote your school’s uniqueness
  • A Business Owner looking to show the professionalism of your team or quality of your products

Great Photographs are Great Investments in You

Let us help you to use photography to achieve your goals.


Video SetupThe growth of video has been absolutely phenomenal.

In 2014, YouTube announced that over 300 hours of new video was being uploaded every minute and 6 Billion hours viewed every month.

Consumers are getting more and more selective in their viewing. They want to be informed quickly , entertained and It’s all about them and their needs, not yours.

Let us show you how to create videos that produce results for you.

It’s not about creating content just for the sake of it… it’s about clearly knowing what you want the viewer to experience and the action you want them to take when they’ve watched it.

Video should be seen as a “tool of persuasion”… not to manipulate but to ethically lead your viewer to the action that you know will benefit them.


Emotional CopywritingThe 3rd communication tool that you need to master is that of the written word.

Persuasive copy (words) is still as valuable today as it every was.

Your ability to create an engaging story that takes your reader through a deliberate journey of emotions to the point that no salesmanship is needed…

…. the reader is asking you “When can I start? Where do I need to go?”

You’ve helped them to realise that they need what you’re offering and furthermore…. price is no longer the primary hurdle or consideration.

Whether you want to learn how to write great copy yourself or use our in-house expertise, make the Smart Choice and let us share with you The Secrets to Great Copyrighting