Smart Business Choices

Smart business choices begins with your ability to effectively communicate how your product or service will address and answer your customers wants and needs.

With your genuine desire to help others, you’ll soon become the trusted authority and go-to person where price becomes secondary to the peace-of-mind and certainty you provide.

As a Trusted Authority, you will ……..

  • Be the first name that comes to mind when the best solutions are needed
  • Be the one whose opinion is sought and respected
  • Be the leader that your competitors will seek to emulate, but will never surpass you.

Through the simple and proven step-by-step processes that Smart Business Choices provide, you will remove the fears and concerns of your prospects and position yourself for success as that trusted authority who delivers on what they promise.

Smart Business Choices7 Simple Steps To Becoming An Authority in Your Industry

Step 1: Mindset – it’s not about telling the world that you’re an expert, it’s about the world recognising you as the expert. There’s a very subtle difference that most people are a lot more comfortable… it’s not about bragging.


Step 2: Avatar – Identify the archetype that you’re naturally comfortable with… it’s no good trying to be something that you’re not and it’s way too difficult to maintain for the long term. Are you the…

  • Everyday “If I can do it, so can you” Type
  • No BS, no sugar-coating “This is how it is and you’re gonna be accountable” Type
  • Compassionate “I can make your problems go away” Type
  • I’ve got special talents and “You can’t do this without me” Type


Step 3: Micro-Specialisation – Accept that you cannot be the answer to everything but you can absolutely dominate a specific niche. and build your brand around it – an inch wide and a mile deep.


Step 4: Understand – Really get into the head of your ideal prospect and find out what their needs wants and fears are. It’s all about “What’s in it for them?”.


Step 5: Educate – Help your prospects in their daily challenges and become their trusted go-to person. Do it without expectation of return – the universe will ensure that happens.


Step 6: Advocate – Publicly support, endorse and recommend those that you wish to influence or partner with. Don’t be false in your support (your reputation is everything), but credit where credit is due and make time to acknowledge them.

Step 7: Proof – Build your credibility where it’s recognised most – Social Proof, Authorship, Celebrity, Traditional Media etc. It should never be about you (bragging) but positioning yourself to be acknowledged by others.