Gold Coast Video Production

Gold Coast Video Production works with you to produce promotional videos that emphasizes your unique difference.

Gold Coast Video ProductionIn many of our discussions with schools and businesses, we hear a common call…

“We need a corporate-style video to promote our school / business”.

My first question is “Fair enough… why do you feel that way”

The responses are varied but…

… they have a common underlying theme.

in most cases it’s because they’ve seen another school that’s produced one or they keep hearing that that they should be using video from colleagues and advisors.

The challenge is – Who do you choose to produce this video?

In many cases, the callout is made to a video production company with a generic request to “make us look good”.

The Video Company will willingly oblige and with the inclusion of fancy effects, pleasant music, smiling faces etc etc… you will receive a video that you will love, your staff will love and you step back relieved that you now look as good as the school down the road.

But is that video going to get the results you are after?

If the result you want to achieve is to “keep up with the Jones’?” then this ‘could’ work

Maybe for a while, you even look better than the Smiths … until they get their own video next month, of course.

The point I’m making here is that video is just another tool that you can pull out of the toolbox to fix a problem. It’s not the solution itself, it’s just one of the many media forms you can use… media that I refer to as “The Tools”.

Now just as there are many varieties of hammers, screwdrivers drills etc, videos too come in many shapes and sizes.

Knowing which tool to use often means calling upon someone with greater knowledge. Maybe it’s the guy at the hardware store or maybe it’s the well-trained tradesman with many years of experience.

With Smart Choices Group, you get both.

We’ve been operating 2 businesses side-by-side now for over a decade.

Business #1 is dedicated to Photography and Video Services

Business #2 has been providing Marketing and Branding Services to Businesses and Schools.

This places us in a unique position of being able to support and educate our school and business clients to ensure that the videos they produce are the ideal fit for their purpose. They hit the nail square on the head.

In our experience, we’ve found that most schools and businesses mistakenly believe they are very clear on what their uniqueness is.

They promote messages that are way too easy for other schools and businesses to say “we do that too”.

They’ve many times convinced themselves that education is generic – that everyone is pretty much offering the same and that they have no unique space they can own.

In all of my discussions with schools and businesses, I’ve yet to find one of them that hasn’t got such a unique space that they can truly own.

It’s only when this uniqueness has been identified that you can start planning those “corporate videos”.

With your core difference as the nucleus of your brand, then we can produce a single one or a whole suite of videos that carry a common theme and an identity that is uniquely YOU.

Call us today on 07 5641 4151 and let us help you to identify the unique space that you can own… a space that no other school or business can ever say “we do that too”.

Furthermore… If they do make such a claim, you’ll know with certainty that you will ALWAYS do it better than them – they’ve set themselves up to fail… they’ve actually empowered you further.

Always remember… a video is not the destination. It’s a vehicle (tool) to help you get to your destination.

Just as you wouldn’t purchase a vehicle without first knowing what it’s purpose was, let us help you to provide absolute clarity on your marketing and promotion purpose.

Call our Gold Coast Video Production team now on 07 5641 4151 and let us help you to build your video marketing strategy upon …

… Smart Choices.