Choices Media Gold Coast And Northern NSW

Choices Media is more than a one-stop shop for your media needs… we’re part of your team that ensures your communication decisions are consistent with your long-term objectives and goals.

Centrally located to service the Northern NSW and Gold Coast schools and businesses to take your marketing to another level.

We offer a unique 2-step solution process that ensures that all of your communications are consistent with your brand

  1. Firstly, by helping you to define a crystal clear picture of your unique “Why” by focusing on the solutions you offer (rather than the traditional paths of bragging about who you are and what you do), and painting a clear picture of what you want to achieve.
    You may already have this but let us show you how it be working better for you?
  2. Secondly, by helping you to choose the most appropriate “tools” from the smorgasbord of communication options available to you.

Andrew Kavanaugh Choices MediaOur purpose is to simplify this process for you…

… to ensure that you know exactly where you’re heading, what “tools” are available to you and, most importantly, enabling you to make the educated and smart choices of where to focus your efforts.

Sounds too simple? It is simple.

The key is Focus and Planning. Backed up with a systemised action-plan and you become unbeatable.



Our Services include:

  • marketing consultancy,
  • photography,
  • videography and
  • content creation (copywriting).

The “Tools” that are available for you to grow your business are increasing every day (the smorgasbord) but the challenge is – where to focus your efforts? Some of these tools include…

  • Style Guides (Essential for every organisation)
  • Brochures and Prospectuses
  • Video Production (From Video Blogs to Corporate Videos)
  • Social Media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat etc)
  • Digital Marketing (Websites, emails, re-marketing)
  • Magazines and Yearbooks
  • Signage, Vehicles, Uniforms
  • Newspapers, Radio, TV, Billboards
  • and more….

Sally kavanaugh Choices MediaChoices Media practices the 80/20 principle and will direct you through the mine field to get maximum output from minimum effort.

Wherever you are in your business, the greatest risk to your organisation’s growth is YOU.

Whether it’s the fear of the unknown, the “I already know that stuff” or one of the many steps in between the two, the smartest choice you could make right now is to ring Choices Media on 07 5641 4151 and find out if we are the right fit for each other.

Our passion is “Your Success”.

Our greatest thrill is working with people who want to be the best in their industry and seeing their joy as we help them to get their unique story out to listening ears.

Choices Media have serviced Gold Coast and Northern NSW since 1999. Our local knowledge and experience has postioned us as the trusted authority and go to advisors by Gold Coast and Northern NSW businesses looking to seek a similar position of authority in their market place.

If you just want a generic brand because “that’s what everyone else is doing”, then we’re probably not the right business for you to partner with.

If “near enough is good enough” or “as long as it looks nice” is what you’re after, we’re definitely not right for you.

If, however, you would like the support of marketing experts who can help you to…

  • Identify the uniqueness of your organisation.
  • Leverage your uniqueness to make you “the only logical choice”.
  • Position yourself as the “Authority” in your industry.
  • Ensure that every message that ever leaves your establishment is consistent with your core. brand and vision (Your “Why”).
  • Build an instantly recognisable brand that evokes emotion, not just a name.

… then you need to schedule in your complimentary “30-Minute Discovery Session” right NOW and start taking those first steps towards dominating your market.

It all comes back to You, Your Actions and Your Decision to make….

…. Smart Choices.

We’re waiting for your call at 07 5641 4151